We can help you to build your online marketing presence with a simple video. Youtube is a great source for building your audience and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get results. Simple text and slide shows or explainer videos that can help your audience, will get you results.

Your clients come to you because you provide the product or service at a price they see as valuable. We need to make a video that explains this to your potential clients. An introduction video is your 30-second elevator pitch. It needs to answer the following questions.

1. Why do your clients come to you?

2. What do you do best?

3. What do you need from your clients to make your service better?

4. What information do you have that will help your clients?

5. What training can you provide that will help your clients?

6. What do you do that your clients say thank you for?

If you can answer these questions and pass this information onto prospective clients, it may be the introduction that you need to get new business.

After you have worked out the answers, you then need to work out how to present the answers in a way that your new audience will respond.

Use the form to collect your thought on what and how to present your elevator pitch.

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