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Website Marketing Review:

How effective is your website against your competition? We will check your site against your competition to see how you are going. In most cases, we find that the owner of the website doesn’t know if it is useful or if the objective of the site is working. Some times we find that the words and ideas that the business owner is trying to get across are not the messages that the audience is seeing. 

 If the search engines are not presenting your message to your audience, you may be sitting idle and not able to reach the audience that you expect.

 There are three questions to ask about your website.

  1. What is the purpose of your website?
  2. Who are you trying to reach with your website?
  3. What are you expecting your audience to understand?

With these answers, we will be able to determine if your site can live up to your expectations and the changes needed to become great.

Website Review: Our Site is Cooking On Gas!

Cooking On Gas.

A recent website review identified an oportunity for a local plumber.

The business is growing on gas. No, not that I have been eating too many beans. But the Gas Plumber marketing side of the company is growing. It seems that plumbers are highly competitive on Google Search. The cost of Google Adwords for keywords in the plumbing field is very competitive and expensive. The keywords for a “gas plumbers sydney” are less competitive, and google seems to like JR Burns Plumbing a little better than the competition.

Jamieson Burns is the owner of JR Burns Plumbing located in Five Dock NSW. A harbourside town in Sydney open to supporting a large population with 30km from the office. “Gas Fitter Sydney” seems to be the link that attracts the most traffic, with “Gas Plumber” coming in a close second.

I always ask the questions, What, When, Where, Why How and Who when creating an article.

The “What” is about the keyword “gas fitting sydney”.
The “When” is present-day and if you need help, always available tomorrow.
The “Where” is Sydney NSW.
The “Why” is the competitive nature of keywords in the plumbing market.
The “How” is taking advantage of keyword search tools to identify the best performing words that can advantage my client. By writing articles relating to the best value search criteria, I provide a solution for questions asked by our audience.
The “Who” is Jamieson and his Business.

It may be that most plumbers are not really aware of what people are searching for when looking as services provided by plumbers, and it may just be that Jamieson is such A good gas fitter that he is more visible to his audience on google. Its hard to tell. What I do know is that paying $40.00 per click for “Plumber” is a waste of money. It is a better investment to create online content that explains the benefits of talking directly to Jamieson.

JR Burns Plumbing
42 First Ave
Five Dock, NSW, 2046 Australia
Phone: 0414 552 828