CJ Tech Support is a business that provides web hosting and security services to small business.

We take our website hosting and security very seriously, it is the backbone of the service that we provide. Our SEO services and social media marketing services can only exist if there is a destination website to go to.

We have 4 rules.

CJ Tech Support | website hosting and security

We provide wordpress website hosting services in shared environments that are economical and ideal for small business. If you want dedicated servers and expensive data centre environments, than we are not the best provider for you.

We are a small business dedicated to helping small business.

Our service is all inclusive, from the time we talk about the goals of your website, to the analytics and performance of your call to action, we are available to help. We recommend the website hosting and security environment that we use for our own website. Why? Because we understand it, it’s basic and reliable.

If you want your audience to be able to find you, communicate with you and buy from you, then we can help.

Firewall blocking by IP address

Our forms collect information from our clients so that they can communicate with us easily. There is also a nafarious audience that like to spam our form with crap that either doesn’t make any sense or is just plain rude. The nice thing about our forms is that we are able to block ip addresses that send crap. But we don’t just block the IP address from one website, we block them from all of our websites.

Our forms are for communication and information collection. The forms can be an effective way to communicate and help our customers. Our job is to audit all the information coming through to make sure that our clients stay safe and secure.

Online Transaction Security

If you want to sell products online, we recommend Facebook and Shopify. The reason is again security. Facebook and Shopify host their own environments and mange their own security. Use Paypal for the transactions and you should have a simple and seamless online business platform. You can then just concentrate on your business, not the platform that is needed to run it.

Create a Lifestyle Business

If you want to create a lifestyle business and learn from others about being successful, look at Total Commitment Cloud.

Here are some example sites, hosted on our shared servers, behind our dedicated firewall security.