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I was reading a quote from a Content Marketing blog.

Get As Much Targeted Website Traffic as You Want
Companies that publish new blog posts just 1-2 times per month generate 70% more leads than companies that don’t blog at all and leads from inbound marketing cost on average 61% less than outbound marketing leads.

This is the link to the source of the information. Download “content-marketing-products-vs-services-infographic

In this infographic, Matt Mansfield looks at the differences of marketing products and services. I am going to ask the same questions for the difference between social and business marketing.

I think the lines are blurred. Is business marketing now social? What should be the difference.

Whether you are selling to one person or on account to your biggest client, what factors effect the sales and marketing process. You still need to know your product, identify your client, reach your client, present to your client and deliver on client expectations. As Matt described in his article this process breaks down to benefits and trust.

The way we present benefits and trust has changed. In the past benefits were presented on graphs and charts, via overhead projector and expensive presentation boards. Now the process is high tech, and the TRUST factor is more important than ever, because the client can check and find the “truth”.

The client or prospect can go online, via google search or other search and find testimonials, reviews and comparisons of your product. They can search business directories for your competition and ask your customers what they think. This is very powerful and it is the reason your business needs to be social. Your business needs to be listening via social profiles to answer the questions and quash the negative.

Your social profile can boost your business and bury your business, depending on how you manage it. I remember my Dad saying, “it doesn’t matter what happened, it’s all about how you handle it.”

If you get a bad review, question it. Not in a bad way, in a concerned way. Let your audience know that this is not the norm and you are wanting to rectify the problem. Make sure your next review is better, and the last thing I am going to say about reviews is that sometimes people have no filter and don’t understand the pain they can cause when they leave a bad review to the business owner. In this case, you just have to bite your tongue, let it go and build on the positive reviews.

I once had a client get a 1 star review on a plumbing site because the person reading their blog had a bad and expensive experience with tree roots causing havoc with there pipes. The problem was that this reviewer wasn’t a client of my plumber. He was just upset with all plumbers. So my client replied explaining in the review that he was disappointed that the reviewer had such an experience, but he made sure all the people reading his reviews understood that he was not a client and he didn’t do the job.

What is the difference between business and social. If content is the most powerful tool in your online marketing arsenal, should you be all business? If your Facebook feed is just full of “for sale” adds, you may not be able to grow an online social community. Sometimes the community wants to learn something, or be amused or be challenged.

I get more activity on social networks when a great graphic is involved, or a video, or a story is told. But that wont sell product, or does it. Maintaining friend is sometimes hard work, maintaining a community is also hard work. Finding content that can WOW, SHOCK and AWE is a challenge.

In the Audio Book “Contagious – Why Things Catch On“, there is a defined method of getting a viral reaction to marketing. It’s a business method of social activity. The social is the attraction, the business is the transaction. If you haven’t already listened to this book, I recommend you add it to your bus trip or train trip play list.

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