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    Well, I have been introduced to the newly created Twenty Nineteen theme for WordPress. Each year they create a new theme to work with. This one seems to be a complete rethink on the concept of themes using the new Worpress 5 user interface. I always find it fascinating that the image displayed in the thumbnail isn’t what the theme looks like when it is installed. The Thumbnail looks quite good with a black and white layout using a half page dark image and white font overlay as the title.

    I created my first site using the new theme and WordPress 5.0 and found that the featured image has a blue overlay that slightly degrades my feature photo. The thumbnail doesn’t show this. Maybe it will get more attention because it is different for a while, but I am not sure it is a long term strategy. I don’t see it improving my user engagement or experience.

    You can check out this new micro-site at https://157-victoria-road-gladesville.333rd.cloud

    Navigating around the new interface is always disappointing until you understand the changes. I am sure after some more experience I will grow to enjoy it and embrace the new features. I am sure that I will have to rethink my plugin stratedgy because the new interface will incorporate a lot of the shortcodes and functions that I used to add as plugins.

    The main area to learn is how to find everything. In the past the tools to edit and change your article were part of the editor, now you have to search further to find page structure and layout tools in the hamburger menu at the top left and far right of the page.

    As I learn the correct terms and menu layout I will regularly update it here.

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