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    I have a client site with WIFI speed issues. The layout of their office should be OK, they have 2 walls which will degrade their WIFI connection but the overall speed should be good, certainly better than it currently is.

    The WIFI modem is a TPLink N600 model TL-WDR3600.
    The WIFI speed test from https://speedtest.net failed, with the ping test not able to complete. I can see the WIFI from my android phone using the WIFI Analyzer app. The connection fades when I pass through the rooms in the office and it should be a lot better than it is.

    The menu of this older WIFI modem doesn’t have a QOS link So although a lot of forum traffic is steering me toward this feature, it may not be able to be changed on this modem firmware version.

    The Bandwidth menu is not enabled, so I enabled it and set the speed up and down to 100mb.

    Both 2ghz and 5ghz bands are enabled on the modem. I figured the walls may be a problem with the 5ghz band, but the 2.4ghz band should be ok, so I disabled the 5ghz band and restarted the modem.

    Amazingly, the WIFI speedtest at https://speedtest.net completed with a bandwidth of download: 0.06mb and upload of 8mb. I am not use to getting a speed test reading like this, normally the download is faster than the upload, so I went back into the modem to make sure I didn’t put the wrong speed in the bandwidth menu, and as I was going into the modem menu, I noticed how quick it was. The speed was much faster. I checked the settings and everything seemed to be ok, so I did another WIFI speedtest, to find the results had changed to download: 34mb and upload 10mb.

    This is still a lot slower than the pc’s connected via an ethernet cable, but now at least, they don’t need to buy another modem and the 3 wireless users in the office can get some work done.

    Hope this helps. Just remember to record the changes that you make so that you can change them back if it fails.

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