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    I have a client site that has upgraded their printer to some magic all bells and whistles Toshiba printer that is fast and wonderful, except now they cant print from adobe reader. They are happy with all the other features of the printer, so in their minds it can be the printer that is the problem and I agree.

    So I did some research. When they try to print from adobe reader, nothing happens. Normally they are required to entera department code to authorize the printing, but now, nothing. You really can tell what is happening because you don’t get an error message or anything else to say the printer is working.

    Pretty unproductive while everyone is waiting for a result.

    On the adobe forum their is a temporary soultion. THey say that you need to delete the printer from your machine, then reinstall the printer and this time rename it with a name that is longer than 10 characters. WTF

    Well apparently this works.

    The other solution that I found was to visit https://www.foxitsoftware.com and download Foxit reader. They make a lot of PDF software and is seems to work pretty good. At least everyone is able to read PDF files and Print them.

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