Outlook 2010 exchange password keeps popping up

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    The problem that I have is one pc on a network continuosly asking for a password everytime outlook is opened. They are using a cloud exchange solution and I have no control over the exchange side of the problem. The problem shouldn’t be exchange, because all the other pc’s are connecting correctly.

    I have been through the other possibilities like making sure that they are not using proxy / http and negotiate authentication and unchecked the box that states Always prompt for login credentials.
    Yet the password box is still popping up.

    I tried looking at the problem from another direction. What if the problem is being caused by the wrong password being cached and therefore the process is working, outlook is automatically entering a password when you open outlook it is just the wrong password and is therefore popping up to get the corrected password. So now the problem is finding how to remove the incorrect password from the outlook password cache and change it to the correct password.

    March 25th, 2014
    This is a lot easier than you might think.

    1. type credit manager in the start box.
    2. launch credit manager from the start menu and look through the results.

    What I found was 2 Windows Credentials with MS.Outlook:Emailaddress and 3 Generic Credenitials with MS.Outlook:EmailAddress.
    I deleted all the MS.Outlook Entries leaving the autodiscover settings and any other software credentials in the vault.
    I then open outlook and again it asked me for a password.

    This time, outlook had the correct password and never asked me again.
    Yeh!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your Day.

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