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    How do you measure your marketing results against marketing goals?
    How do you determine your marketing goals?

    Marketing Checklist.

    1. Measurement tools.
    2. Phone Calls.
    3. Web Form Responses.
    4. Direct Email Responses.

    Measurement Tools

    Google Analytics

    Start here. Add the Google Analytics script to your website. Set a goal of traffic that flows from your home page to your contact us page. This will reduce the false bounce measurements and calculate the traffic from people interested in actually finding you. Of course, if your contact details are on the front page you won’t get people going to the contact us page. You will still be able to measure unique visits and time on site. The longer your users stay on your site the more opportunity you will have to interact with your potential customers.

    Use a live chat program like Tawk to interact directly with potential customers.

    Phone Calls

    Create a business process of asking your customers how they found you. It is important to understand where your customers are coming from, If can save you a lot of money and enable you to concentrate your efforts on channels that bring in sales.


    Use UberSuggest to measure your site performance and keyword SEO potential opportunities. Opportunities are available for you to overtake your competition if you know what your competition is doing. Ubesuggest will give you an insight into potential keywords that are valuable to your customers and being used by your competition. If you and your site can do it better, Google will rank you higher and give you more traffic.

    Web Form Response

    If you have contact details on the front page then also have a “Call Back Request Form”. A short form with just a phone number, email address and first name fields. Keeping a close eye on call back requests is a good measure of site performance. It’s actually based on potential income from customer activity. If one in 5 buy’s you can calculate the sales potential from the amount of contact you are getting.

    Direct Email Responses

    Direct email responses are a great way to determine results because you can create a unique email address for any new marketing program. Creating a unique email address means that the activity was only created by the marketing program, it’s an easy way to measure the success of the program.

    How do you measure marketing results?

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