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    If you are getting DCOM Permissions Errors, there is a process to follow.
    Open the Registry editor “REGEDIT”. If you are not familiar with the registry, call a tech.

    Search (find) 3eb3c877
    DCOM Registry Key 3eb3c877
    Right Click the entry: [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AppID\{3eb3c877-1f16-487c-9050-104dbcd66683}]
    Take note of (default)/Data: WinInetCacheServer
    Click Permissions
    Click advanced
    Change the current owner to Administrators, and tick the box about changing the owner on subcontainers and objects, apply and save.

    Back in the permission windows, tick Full control for administrator, system and users.

    Open DCOMCNFG (Component Services)
    DCOM Component Services
    Search down the list for the Default Name: “WinInetCacheServer”
    Right-click and select properties
    Select the Security tab
    “Launch and Activation Permission” / customise / Edit

    make sure you have System, Administrators, and Users listed in the Group or user names list.
    If they are missing click the Add button and add them to the list.

    Then make sure each account has all ticked or at least Local Launch and Local Activations ticked.
    Click OK, OK and CLose to solve the problem.

    DCOM Activate Permission

    Do this same process for any DCOM errors, just take note if the APPID and DEFAULT Name

    Good Luck, have a great day.

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