Competition Analysis Report
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Define Your Competitors:

List Title, Call To Action, H1, H2 & H3 and Keyword Analysis
Understand what products or services they offer, their features, quality, pricing, and unique selling propositions (USPs).
Determine their market share, target audience, and how they position themselves in the market.
Analyze their pricing structure, discounts, promotions, and overall pricing strategy.
Identify the channels they use to reach customers, such as online platforms, physical stores, partnerships, or distribution networks. Also look at where they get their product and who delivers their products
Examine their marketing campaigns, branding efforts, social media presence, and advertising strategies.
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. Assess their competitive advantages, unique capabilities, and areas where they may be lacking. Compare your own business against each competitor to identify gaps and opportunities
Study customer reviews, feedback, and ratings to understand their reputation, customer satisfaction levels, and areas of improvement.