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Website Marketing Strategy

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We do the technical stuff, so you don’t have too. You can concentrate on being profitable, and we look after your website marketing, emails, SEO, and Facebook.

Having the best website in the world will not help you if you don’t have an audience. Having the world looking for you and not having a means of collecting your audience details will also not help you achieve your business success. There needs to be a balance and a strategy to get results. 

Use the strategy of a minimum viable product. Start early, and create something small and quick. Test it with your audience. Get a result, good or bad, but learn from it and improve your solution. Test the results, and develop your solution, test the results and enhance your strategy. 

Don’t invest everything in one solution. You can never be the best that you can be unless you improve. 

Take a compass approach and find something that is working. Focus on a strategy of improvement. Create a workflow diagram listing all of the elements in your strategy. Identify the element that is stopping the progress and concentrate on that element only. By fixing or improving this element, you will have a direct impact on the results. 

Marketing example.

  1. Identify an audience with a need.
  2. Create or identify a product to fill the need.
  3. Introduce your product to your audience.
  4. Provide support and build trust in your audience.
  5. Take orders for your product.
  6. Accept payment for your product.
  7. Fulfil orders to your audience.
  8. Followup with the audience and get referrals to a new audience.

Clients ask me to develop a website for their business. They want the site because they know it will make the difference, and they will become successful. 

If you look at the marketing example above, where does the website fit into the strategy? 

  1. If the business has no audience with a need, the website will not achieve anything. 
  2. If the business has no product or service to promote, again, the website will not help.
  3. If the business has a need and a product, but the audience has no trust, the website will not be effective, unless it can focus on the trust by providing “testimonials”.
  4. If the business has an audience with a need, a product that fulfils that need, and the trust that you are the best business to support the need, than, your website can be effective and call the audience to action and place an order.
  5. Your site now needs to take payment or direct the audience to a payment program that has their trust, like PayPal or Stripe.
  6. With the order accepted, your site can help you fulfil the orders and shipping. 
  7. If all the previous steps are working, you can invest in a system to improve your process to manage the audience, leads, opportunities, products, shipping, payments and followup. But don’t invest all of your money into the system if your initial steps are not working.

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